The requirement for high performance motors, for high precision applications continues to grow as production process technology becomes more and more sophisticated and demanding. Recognising that this new generation of machines and their drives requires specialist skills and facilities to repair and test them. MVR continues to invest in new demagnetising, magenetising equipment and load modules.


At MVR we repair all types of motors from the leading manufacturers such as Siemens, Control Techniques, Allen Bradley, Baldor, Fanuc and Indramat.

Scope of Service

1. AC and DC servo motors
2. Spindle motors
3. Encoders
4. Tachos
5. Printed circuit motors
6. Stepper motors
7. Resolvers
8. Robotic refurbishment


At MVR we have the dedication to provide end users and OEMs alike, with a total service package to meet the high demands of today's industries.


With a 24-7 service 365 days a year, we can provide our customers with a turnaround time that meets their demands no matter what time or day of the year. A service with our team of highly trained technicians, in place, you can be assured of a fast and reliable service that we can provide.


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